6 Reasons You Should Take Every First Date To A BBQ Restaurant

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Common knowledge says eating with your hands is a first-date don’t, but I disagree. In fact, I think bringing your date to a BBQ restaurant is a great way to learn a lot about her in a short amount of time. Here’s why.


You’ll Find Out if She’s Afraid to Get Dirty

BBQ is made to eat with your hands and I love to see a girl get messy. PUT THE FORK DOWN! If we were going to keep things clean, I would have taken you to a different place.

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You Can Measure Her Confidence

Does she dig in or watch to see how you eat first? I go for women who take initiative. The table is a direct correlation to the bedroom.

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You’ll Find Out If She’s A Risk Taker

Is she willing to go for the collard greens or does she stick to the mac ‘n cheese? This will come up later in the relationship when deciding on what color to paint the guest bathroom. Might as well figure it out now.

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You’ll See If She Is Willing To Put In The Effort

Does she use a wet nap? (Sure, I like to get messy, but I’m not an animal.) If she doesn’t go to the trouble of using one, she probably won’t go to a lot of trouble in the relationship, either.


You’ll Have Built-In Conversation Starters

Everyone likes BBQ for different reasons. Talk about this. Does she prefer Memphis or Texas? Kansas City or South Carolina? This is much more interesting than what she studied in college.

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You’ll Witness Her Sharing Skills

Does she share her food? Again, I’ve found that generosity at the table directly correlates to generosity in the bedroom.

Do you have an unusual favorite first date spot? Tell us where — and why — in the comments.