7 Do’s And Don’ts Of Hitting On Someone At The Gym From A Trainer Named Rowdy

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When I go to the gym, I am usually wearing pajama shorts and a Disney World t-shirt. In my history of going to gyms, I have never been hit on once. And while I like to think it’s because I’m going too fast on the treadmill or my guns are overly-intimidating, I’m sure I should probably be following these rules from Crunch fitness manager Rowdy Yates. And yes, the gym is a great place to meet someone. (Jerry Seinfeld met his wife at a gym!) But you have to remember that some people are there to work out. I know. What wet blankets.

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And now, from Rowdy…


Always read body language before approaching someone. A lot of people are more likely to feel guarded in a gym and are there first and foremost to get in a workout. Make sure you gauge the situation (body language, eye contact, etc.) before being just “another creep at the gym.”

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Of course being sweaty is sexy, but you should not be leaving a “snail trail” on your way to approach your gym crush. While you don’t need to be club ready, make sure you’re not dripping in sweat before going over to talk to someone.

Say hello. It’s okay to be friendly at the gym, and it will even help you get a better read on someone.

If you really want to up your chances of talking to someone, try approaching them in their element. Take that yoga class you always spot your crush coming out of and strike up a conversation about the class afterwards. It’s an easy ice breaker!

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Don’t stare! Gyms have mirrors EVERYWHERE, and when staring you will most likely get caught.

Under no circumstances should you use a corny pickup line like, “Your Dad must have been a baker because you have NICE buns!” or “Did you hear the latest health report? It said you’re supposed to increase your intake of vitamin ME.” Actually, avoid these pickup lines, period.

Do not grunt or moan extra loud with each set to get your crush’s attention. It will definitely be more scary than sexy.

Rowdy Yates is a Fitness Manager at Crunch Gym in New York City.