7 Perks to Lesbian Dating

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I did not choose to be gay — for the record, the word “lesbian” makes me cringe — it just came naturally, like writing with my right hand or gravitating toward the refrigerator. It’s a life, just like a straight life. When it comes to dating a person of the same sex, I gather that my dating life practically mirrors the life of my straight lady friends, except my date doesn’t have a penis. Yet if my experiences and observations have taught me anything, there are several key perks to dating women.

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That Rare Emotional Connection

Forging the deep emotional bond common between women is one of the undeniable pleasures of dating ladies. You rarely have to ask what she’s feeling because you’ve already talked about it, repeatedly. There might be charts and graphics involved.


You Can Share Each Other’s Clothes

It might sound shallow, but this is one of my favorite things about dating a woman. Never underestimate the appeal of inheriting a second wardrobe, especially if your lady loves designer clothing as much as you do.



The clit is not approached like some mythical sea creature hiding in the abyss. It is known and it is spoiled. Enough said.

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Lady Business

The same goes for the period; men fear it, women buy you chocolate.


Your (Sane) Straight Friends Don’t Feel Threatened When You Hang Out Alone With Their Boyfriends

I’ve collected a gaggle of my friends’ boyfriends as a revolving door of drinking buddies. Not once have I felt the steely daggers of envy or suspicion prodding my back.


Physical Attributes

We are pretty. We are soft. We smell like flowers. We won’t rub our scraggly beards all over your face in the morning!

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It’s true. Even if you break up, the chance of remaining friends is uncommonly high. Your best friend might shoot tacks out of her eyeballs when speaking about her ex-boyfriend, but women tend to speak in milder, even gracious tones when speaking of their ex-girlfriends.