7 Ways To Tell If You Can Handle Dating a Democrat

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Previously, I looked at what qualities it might take for a left-leaning person to handle dating a Republican — but what about the inverse? Many conservatives (I’m thinking of particular friends here) wouldn’t in their wildest DREAMS date a dreaded liberal. (The political ideology that is somehow now exclusively a pejorative in American politics, but that’s a debate for another time…)

So: you, my Right-Winger friend, could probably handle dating a Dem if…


You’re not attached to those incandescent bulbs, plastic water bottles, non-Fair trade coffee, and long showers — and don’t mind keeping a reusable grocery bag with you at all times.


His unwillingness to fight back in an argument because he’s a “pacifist” wouldn’t drive you up the wall.


You didn’t throw anything at the screen during Fahrenheit 9/11.


You actually saw Fahrenheit 9/11.


Being in a Prius doesn’t make you feel less manly.


You’ve never referred to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, or Janeane Garofalo as “shrill.”


You can handle “the pill” being more than just something in The Matrix.