7 Ways To Tell If You Can Handle Dating a Republican

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“Birds of a feather flock together.” “Opposites attract.” Both of these cliches can be true in relationships — which I guess renders neither of them true — and it’s totally fascinating to me. It leaves the couple with mirrored interests/ aesthetics/ professions/ etc wondering how the hell that Hedge Fund Manager/Yoga Instructor couple down the street is in any way functional. (Maybe the sex is fiery-hot enough to make up for any differences outside the bedroom?)

But one of the biggest of all the opposite-factors may be political persuasion, especially in ultra-heated, politics-is-war 2012. Most of my fellow liberal friends swear they could never ever EVER date a Republican — but then, I’ve dated one before, and it didn’t bother me at all. (We didn’t ignore the differences/never talk about it, either: we had debates all the time. They just never felt like actual fights.)

So this led to me to ponder exactly what tendencies in a left-leaning person might determine whether they could handle being with a right-winger. Cause it’s probably better to have an inkling up front, before you find yourself in a relationship where you’re constantly red in the face (so to speak).


You find family Christmas debates more entertaining than infuriating.


When someone posts a fetus picture on facebook, you don’t immediately defriend them.


You know Coulter and Malkin and Hasselbeck hold totally atrocious views, but you kind of…don’t…care.


Ditto Aaron Shock/Scott Brown/Marco Rubio for women.


You’re a converter who usually wins people over. If you’ve managed to get (bear with me while I generalize here) girlfriends into old Bond flicks, or boyfriends into Project Runway, this is you — so their opposition to same-sex marriage is only a matter of time.


When you start talking with a stranger, and they casually mention something about the wealthy already being overtaxed, you engage in a friendly discussion instead of clamming up and finding the first excuse to leave the room.


You like forbidden fruit generally — New Yorker with a Red Sox fan, SoCal with a NorCal. This is one of the ultimate forbidden fruits, right up there with Atheist with a Fundie.


Up next: Ways to tell if you can handle dating a Democrat! (We’re equal-opportunity over here.)

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