8 Great Gifts for the Various Men In Your Life

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from dating, it’s that the men you encounter are all totally different… but they all probably like getting stuff. Here’s a guide to some really interesting gifts for the dudes who serve different purposes in your life.

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For the One You Want to Text You Back

It’s all about the touch, baby — on your screen that is, and when it gets cold your smartphone screen gets the cold shoulder. Touch tech gloves are a wonderful and useful present, and the best part is that not only are you giving him the ability to use his screen without developing frostbite… you’re giving him the ability to text you back even when he’s wearing gloves. (You can at least make a solid case as to why he should’ve been able to text you back.)

Northface E-Tip Glove for the Sporty, $45
J.Crew Touch Tech Gloves for the Sartorial, $60-$85

For the Nice Guy in Your Romantic Comedy

Remember that movie Say Anything with John Cusack? Remember the iconic movie moment when Lloyd stands outside Diane’s window playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”? Don’t we all just want that to happen IRL? You can help move this along with this wonderful iphone boom box docking system.

Bonus Points: Include a copy of the movie if he hasn’t seen it, and create a coinciding playlist titled “Romantic Songs to Play While Standing Outside My Window Carrying a Boom Box.” Even better if you can get that playlist on his phone, ready to go.

iHome Boom Box Docking System, available at Urban Outfitters, $139.99

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For Your Hurricane BF

Ties are a common solution to holiday gifting for men — no sizing necessary and it spruces up your outfit. With its skinny look, neutral color, and discreet pattern, The Charles necktie by The Life Tie Project is a pretty safe way to go while you help save lives. The Life Tie normally donates 25% of its proceeds with each purchase to cancer research, but buying The Charles gives you the option of directing the donation to Sandy Relief instead. Whether you survived the hurricane unscathed or were extremely affected, it’s the perfect gift for the Hurricane BF who got you through it.

Bonus Points: Write a cute note about how “Weathering the storm together strengthened your tie.”

The Charles Skinny Tie, $98

For The One You Have Chemistry With

I’ve noticed one thing about most guys — though they might not care about the rest of their home, they definitely care about building their bar. This month’s box from BeSpoke Post features a florence flask inspired decanter that is both sleek and nerdy (in a sexy way), a cool aeration funnel and cleaning beads, as well as $50 to! Give it to the one you feel like you have a strong covalent bond with, or who you have explosive chemistry with.

Bespoke Post December’s Box: “Breathe”, $45 for one box gift

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For Your International Man of Mystery

An ill-fitting suit on a guy is a travesty, but what’s even more of a travesty is dating a guy who wears an ill-fitting suit. Help your man ‘suit up’ for the season with Indochino’s custom tailored jackets and pants. You can measure him while he sleeps, and if he wakes up and asks what you are doing you could always say you’re just trying to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Bonus Tip: Buy a set of baterangs to make him feel like Bruce Wayne, or one of those lighters that look like a handgun for a James Bond feel. No matter which man in a suit he considers a hero (Gatsby or Patrick Bateman… what what?), it turns into a fun date roleplay when you add the right accessories., $379-$699

For the Man You Want to Marry

This isn’t the 1600s anymore, ladies. We go for the jobs we want, the men we want, the life we want. If what you want is the man you want (conceivably) forever, why wait around for him to ask you to marry him? Guys need to understand that there is nothing emasculating about reversing these roles. If you love each other it shouldn’t matter who asked who first, as long as you get to what you both wanted in the end. This personalized rustic wedding band would be a great way to start.

Personalized Rustic Wedding Band on Etsy, $85

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For Fashion Blogger Boyfriends

When I ask many fashion bloggers who takes their photos, the answer is usually either a tripod or their boyfriend. Give him a little break from lugging that giant DSLR around and get him this iphone slr mount from photojojo! All he has to do is put the lens on his iphone and bam — DSLR quality pics straight to his phone… perfect to send to instagram right away.

iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo, $249

Just Because

I’m not Jewish, but I think these pants are amazing. A great play on words and style, Bonobos has taken navy blue cords and added adorable little menorahs on them. A guy who can rock these hannukords off season, whether they are Jewish or not, is a keeper — as a friend, lover, casual dater, non-bf, bf husband, whatever. Also, if you are lucky enough to fit in your bf’s pants like I am, this means you’ll basically get to wear the best pair of “boyfriend jeans” ever.

Bonobos Hannukords, $128


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