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8 Sweet Pieces of Relationship Advice From My 9 Year-Old Brother

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I recently wrote a piece on dating advice from my 6 year-old sister. Because it’s just plain mean to play favorites, I figured the obvious next step was to follow it up with love advice from my brother, Paris.

Paris is 9 years old and the Pablo Neruda of his generation. He has an accent like Antonio Banderas and is the most sensitive person I have ever met. Similar to Manny in Modern Family,  he is wise beyond his years and suave in a way that makes grown women blush. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same penchant for fedoras and smoking jackets that Manny does because that would be too good to be true. Here are some of the most romantic things he’s said recently:

1. On Nature

“I saw a flower the other day and thought, ‘This flower is so beautiful it should be called ‘Caroline.'”result

2. On “The Ladies”

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?
Paris: Oh, there are many ladies. But I do not dare.

3. On Happiness

Me: Why do you think people have girlfriends?
Paris: To be happy the whole day and all of their lives.

4. On Smoochin’

“When you like a girl, you can smooch her, but not too soon.”

5.  On Shyness

Paris: I saw a beautiful girl at the playground today.
Me: Did you talk to her?
Paris: No, I was too ashamed.

6.  On kindness

Me: Why do people fall in love?
Paris: Because they are good to each other and kind.result

7. On Waiting 4 Luv

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?
Paris: No.
Me: Do you know what having a girlfriend means?
Paris: Not yet.

 8. On Love

“Love is like the feeling you get when sunlight hits your body.”

9. Bonus Tiffany Quote

Me: What does it mean when you fall in love?
Tiffy: (interrupting) I know this one! Like having a sister!