GroupMe: The Most Important App For Your Dating Life

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Are you dating? Do you have a phone? Do you rely on a carefully chosen panel of friends to help you decide every major and minor life decision? Ok, you’re gonna wanna download GroupMe.

GroupMe is a free group messaging app that lets you communicate with a bunch of phones at once. At first, it seems like a silly, fun service to let you pass along witty exchanges to lots of your friends at once — kind of like a private chatroom for phones. But GroupMe is actually a lifeline for dating, especially when a fast consensus is vital.

For example:

-Did you get a text message that needs to be decoded ASAP? GroupMe.

-Are you on a date and need to decide whether or not to go home with someone? GroupMe.

-Are you slightly tipsy and pretty sure you shouldn’t call your ex but maybe you should check with your friends just in case they think it’s a good idea? GroupMe.

-Did you just see a friends ex with his new girlfriend and need to immediately report that she is NOT as cute as your friend and not only that but she didn’t seem smart, at least not by looking at her? GroupMe.

-Do you need to work up the courage to have a conversation with the person you’ve been eye flirting with at the cafe for weeks? GroupMe.

-You just got rejected? What an asshole. GroupMe.

-You just had sex. For the first time in MONTHS. It was a-mazing. GroupMe.

-It was terrible. GroupMe.

-Meh. GroupMe.

[Ed. note: Triple-check before you hit ‘send’ that you’ve selected the right GroupMe group. Your family, your bowling team, the marketing team at work, etc. all don’t need to hear about your sexual escapades.]

SEE? Now you don’t have to waste an entire morning maintaining 5 separate text conversations after a date: You can keep your friends in the loop in one fell swoop, and allow them to reach a decision before instructing you on how you should think or feel about about any given situation.

GroupMe! It’s here to change dating.