A List of Bisexual Problems You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Problems Unless You’re Bisexual

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bisexualprobWriter/performer Gaby Dunn can be counted on for two things: a solid laugh and an equally-stirring dose of insight. In her new video “A list of #BisexualProblems,” Dunn keeps it simple, taking to the vlogging medium to run through questions, concerns, and everyday hurdles she’s faced as a bisexual. The items on her “non-comprehensive lists” are totally logical, but it’s refreshing and revelatory to see someone put those feelings right out there.

For instance, Dunn recounts a recurring issue she has in social settings. She’ll introduce new people to her boyfriend, only to drop a line like, “Oh, my ex-girlfriend loved that song.” Cue the confusion for people without a fluid definition of sexuality. Dunn plays out the scenario with wry grace.


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