A New Study Says Dogs Are the Absolute Best Wingmen

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We already know dogs are man’s best friend. Not to put it too simply, but they’re f-ing perfect. Dogs are innately happy, full of life, and somehow know exactly what their humans need even when we don’t. Dogs are magic. There, I said it, and finally, science agrees.

A new study published in theĀ Bloomsbury Journals, has found that dogs (aside from being magic) can also seriously help your pick-up game. According to the science, the subject’s success (here measured by trying to get someone’s number) jumped from a one-in-ten success rate to one-in-three. Yup, all because you were hanging around with your best friend who never eats your leftover pizza or steals your girlfriend.

One bummer, which is really more of an adorable bummer because, you know, dogs, is that the picker-up-ee (meaning the person whose number you’re scoring) has preferences when it comes to your pup companion. Smaller puppies and adult Labradors did better than Pitbulls, most likely because of a perceived cuddle factor. To each their own, but I’m pretty sure there’s someone (cough, me) who digs those rough-around-the-edges punks way more than some all-American golden pretty boy.

All said, for this wonderful happening of nature to work, you’ve got to get the courage up and talk to someone first. Therefore, after you finish this article and the most loyal of all furry companions (looking at you, cats) is pawing at you, begging for some TLC, pay attention. Indulge their whiskered desire. Put them in a themed dog sweatshirt (cause I imagine some people own those) or your old high school wrestling tee and go for a walk in the park. But don’t forget a pen and paper. Trust us, you’ll need it.