What Should You Drink To Feel Hotter? It Doesn’t Matter, Says Science

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What you already knew: drinking alcohol gives you confidence. Confidence to flirt with someone you ordinarily wouldn’t. To pull off some never-before-attempted dance moves (that probably were never attempted for a reason). To scale the side of your apartment building and try to break in through a window on the fire escape. I mean, whatever. Who’s to judge? Beer goggles do three things: they make the so-so guy/girl look irresistible. They make you look like ten million bucks instead of just one. And, as The Agence France-Presse reports, they cause your self-confidence to rise — the more you drink, the more confident you’ll feel. We kind of knew this stuff already, from personal experience.

But the researchers went further to find that alcohol actually has zero effect on our confidence. 94 men were asked to taste-test a new fruit cocktail and were told that some of the drinks were alcoholic and some where not. Those who believed they had drunk alcohol gave themselves higher self-assessments, even if they they only drank a virgin cocktail.

What’s more: those who did have alcohol — but thought they were drinking virgin cocktails — gave themselves lower self-assessments.

“Our study shows that the mere fact of believing that you have drunk alcohol makes you feel more attractive,” [lead psychologist Laurent] Begue told AFP. “The alcohol dose has no effect in itself.”

So the next time you’re super-anxious before a first date, try one of our bartender-approved liquid courage recommendations. You’ll feel more attractive, even if it’s not actually the alcohol at work.