All The Reasons To Date A Cat Person, As Told By Cats

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In general, there seem to be exactly three accepted “truths” about cat people: men who own cats are wusses, women who own cats are sexually frustrated spinsters, and both are crazy. If you’ve ever fallen victim to believing one of these truths, perhaps you have yet to discover the joys of dating a cat person. Even though they tend to get a bad rap, cat owners, like their cats, are complicated, nuanced creatures who also happen to make excellent dating partners. Here, I’ve put together a compendium of cat GIFs that explain all the ways dating a cat person is kind of awesome.

They’re smart

According to a recent survey of 600 college students at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the self-identified cat owners scored higher on intelligence than self-identified dog-owners. The same study reported cat people tend to be more nonconformist than their dog-loving peers. (Then again, as a self-identified not-dumb dog owner, I’m inclined to challenge this idea of who’s “smarter.”)


They’re not assholes about being “cat people”

In general, I’ve found many cat people love most other kinds of animals, making them more “overall animal” people than just “cat people.” If you own a dog, or a fish, or a human roommate, they’ll be cool with that.


They appreciate subtlety

Cats aren’t all just mewing for a snack and mewing to be brushed and mewing because there’s shit you haven’t scooped out of the litter box and mewing, mewing, mewing. When they’re not mewing for whatever the fuck reason, cats are actually highly refined and subtle animals, and, accordingly, cat owners tend to have a heightened appreciation for the art of subtlety and timing.


They’re masters of reading body language

Cat owners have mastered the art of discerning meaning from the faintest hints of body language and can tell the difference between a tail twitch that says, “I am intently hunting the red dot” and a tail twitch that says, “I’m about to whet my claws on the scratch posts that are your forearms.” You’ll never find yourself over-explaining what’s on your mind when you date a cat person — somehow, their warm hand will find your belly after you ate that extra-large burrito.


They’re not needy

The aforementioned Carroll University study found cat people tend to be more introverted than dog people. A cat person will always be down with being alone together, and will always carve out some alone time without being an asshole about it.


They’re deeply thoughtful

Cat people are masters of reading body language, but they’re also masters of understanding the subtext that underlies nonverbal communications like different kinds of eye contact and sleeping positions. Cat people, being the deep thinkers they are, are highly attuned to this nonverbal communication, and will act accordingly.


They know the importance of good hygiene

Or rather, they should theoretically really, really, really know the importance of good hygiene. An easy test, that is also a game: Time how long it takes you to find out where they keep the litter box. Skip this step (and also leave forever) if everything everywhere smells like one giant litter box.


They know how to hold you just right

Have you ever seen a cat owner snuggle their cat to purring bliss? It’s the stuff exploding ovaries are made of.


They’ll leave you wanting more

A survey of 1,057 single Canadians showed cat lovers were more likely to play hard to get on dates, both spending less money on a first date and being less likely to call back after a date than their dog-loving counterparts. Which isn’t to say cat people are stingy with their affection. They just know how to keep you on the hook.