10 Tips For Non-Awkward 69-ing

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69 was invented so that both partners can get orally stimulated at the same time, usually with the girl on top. But I say, this is 2012 and there are so many sexy alternatives to the classic 69 position. Take these tips, and try something new! And don’t be afraid to try 69-ing for the first time, if you haven’t already — or if you tried it once and it was just awful (which was because you didn’t have these tips!).

Umm, shower first. Can we all agree to do this? Can that be the rule? Just this once? Dirty/sweaty/smelly sex is fun sometimes, but never this time.

The dude needs to go down on the girl a little first. Because this position is so hot and guys get off so quickly from it, you’ll need to time it right.

Whoever wants more control over how much pressure they receive should be on top. Straddle your partner’s chest, facing their toes, lean forward, and straighten out your legs, so you both have easy access.

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Use a pillow if the person on the bottom starts getting a stiff neck.

Don’t forget to pay attention. If you’re giving and receiving, you can’t get 100% lost in the moment. That’s not fair! Enjoy, but be aware, too, of your partner and their pleasure. Remember, ladies, how you sometimes clench your jaw during orgasm? That’s usually okay, but not when you have somebody’s penis in your mouth.

A perk of having the guy be the one on top is that his partner’s hands are free to play with his balls, in conjunction with oral stimulation.

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The guy can also hover over his partner on all fours — with his knees by his partner’s ears — instead of lying flat, giving more space and freedom to explore his body.

Try this twist: Have your partner lie across the width of the bed with their head over the edge, you standing over them. Bend over to kiss your partner’s mouth, then crawl across them, licking your way down until you’re both matched up to mouth-to-genitals position.

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Don’t forget to use your hands. Whether you’re on the top or the bottom. Or side-by-side. Because, yeah…

Definitely try 69-ing side-by-side. Lie facing each other, with your mouths in front of the other’s genitals. If you put one foot flat on the bed, your partner can rest their head on your other thigh. Comfy, right!?

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