10 Wines Under $15 That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Date

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Want to impress your date without making an impression in your wallet?! HAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE? These wines are deeeeeelish and are guaranteed to make your date run more smoothly. And I for one have never had a bad date that started off with a good bottle of wine.

[You may be wondering how someone so undignified as I would have any understanding of fine wines. I don’t. When faced with a situation requiring good wine, I do what many girls in their 20’s do — I call my dad. And here are HIS picks. Let me assure you his advice is more valid than my own.]

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1. The 2007 Bodegas Pinord Tempranillo, Penedes Clos de Torribas Crianza is a light red that is rich but light enough for summer, and it is relatively easy to find.  Malbecs have gone up in price, and this wine is a nice substitute at $11.

2. The 2011 Penfolds Chardonnay South Australia – Koonunga Hill is a worthwhile chardonnay, if you have to drink chardonnays at $11.

3. The Antinori Santa Cristina Toscano is a medium bodied red that is great year around, but the real plus is it is perfect with almost every food, and is only $11.

4. Domaines Lapalu Cabernet Sauvignon Medoc la Patache for $10 is a French Cabernet that will hold up against many more expensive California Cabernets.

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5. People don’t drink enough Rose.  Drink a 2011 El Coto Rioja Rosado dry Rose for $11, and don’t be afraid to chill it.

6. The 2011 Campogrande Orvieto Classico by Antinori is the traditional wine of Central Italy and this is one of the best at $11.  Chill well and let it sit in the refrigerator in a glass pitcher with peaches or oranges with a splash of brandy for a nice summer afternoon glass of white wine.

7. I know Prosecco has been over hyped in the last couple of years.  While that is true for a good reason, it is a great summer wine for the money.  It can range from $7 like the Prosecco Mia – NV and climb to $20, but it’s worth the extra few bucks.

8. The Trimbach Riesling is a light less dry French white wine for $15 that goes well with lots of foods (especially something spicy.)

9. The 2010 Cusumano Nero D’avolo for $11 is a Sicilian wine that is passed over for more expensive Italian wines all the time.  At a range of $8 – $20, you can find Nero D’avolo wines that are just as tasty as much more expensive wines.

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10. The 2010 Centine Rosso from Banfi will never be mistaken for a cheap wine.  At $11 it is a strong value and is easy to find.