36 Reasons She Didn’t Hook Up With You Again, As Told By 36 Real Women

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We asked a group of women to share the things men have done to turn them off for good. Here’s what they said.

“He peed the bed twice… the first time he tried to convince me I did it and the second time he pretended it never happened, which was hard to believe as I was laying in it.”

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“Trying to be sweet, he asked me in the middle of hooking up, ‘Are you ok?’, like i was playing the role of a virgin losing her virginity at prom in a Lifetime movie.”

“He bowed to me — thrice.”

“I had been going back-and-forth flirting and dating this guy but we hadn’t slept together yet. One night, out with a group of friends, he handed me a brown paper bag as I was leaving and said, ‘I have a gift for you, open it tomorrow.’ When I opened it the following day, I found a wadded-up paper towel. As I unwrapped it, I noticed it stuck to itself and it was kind of hard. Once opened, I saw a stamp with a date and signature…and it was crunchy and hard… Needless to say, I did not sleep with him. I am still baffled over it. I think he thought it was the most flattering thing he could give me.”

“I made out with a guy in a kitchen pantry, and couldn’t stand to do it again, because doing it next to boxes of Hamburger Helper is in poor taste.”

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“He used the verb ‘tinkle.’  Several times in the space of a minute, in fact, with this look on his face like he thought he was such a scamp for saying it.  I have considered the possibility it was some kind of inside joke with another person at our table, but that’s a moot point, because even if it was, ‘tinkle’ crosses the line.  Never have I gone from lust to shuddering so fast.”

“When I was told that he wasn’t ‘going to give up on US’ after the first date.”

“This guy I started dating had me over to his place and he seemed clean, but when we went to his bedroom he had nasty blankets, an uncovered dirty foam pillow and a huge poster on the wall he said he found in an abandoned hospital.”

“I was seeing the best friend of a former boyfriend and he wanted to keep it a secret, despite the other guy having broken up with me.  One day I was meeting him to go to a movie and he had run into a very close friend so when they passed me on the street, he pretended to be surprised to see me, said hello, and kept on walking to keep it from her.”

“He wrote me a note afterward telling me that he liked me because I keep him on his ‘tows’.”

“After coming over for an implied hookup, this guy excused himself to take a shit in my bathroom and I could hear him farting from the room over.”

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“We were in the middle of making out in a room at a house party, and someone banged on the door while I had his dick in my mouth and he yelled out ‘Busy! … Busy!’ From that day on, I cannot hear the word ‘busy’ or eat a banana front-on without getting ick redux.”

“Erectile dysfunction. But I did hook up with him again. (But that doesn’t mean I wanted to.)”

“I found out he had a cat after I gave him my number. When he texted me about going on a date I told him I was getting back with an ex-boyfriend.”

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Really creepy sex face.”

“I briefly dated a guy who worked for Goldman Sachs. When he took me to his room for the first time, he excused himself to the bathroom and I was left staring at his open closet. I saw my future with a man who only wore pink polos and baby blue button-downs. I bolted immediately, and made out with his doorman.”

“He smelled.”

“He got mad that I didn’t call him back… on Mother’s Day.”

He lied about his age. He turned out to be 6 years younger…”

“His roommate had pooped in the tub while we were boning. Upon discovering the feces, post-sex, I told the guy. He said, ‘Oh yeah, sometimes when we’re on E, we do that.'”

“He said, ‘you’re out of my league, I love you,’ during a one-night stand.”

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“He said his last girlfriend was hotter.”

“Excessive dry humping… which then led to premature ejaculation. His Levis must have really turned him on.”

“He texted me while on a trip (and stated where he was) and then later denied ever having gone when I ran into him and asked him about it.”

“When he told me he’s never seen a movie sober.”

“He wouldn’t eat meat or drink milk ‘because of the calories‘.”

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“Before he got in bed with me, he spent 30 minutes playing with my roommate’s cat — by himself.”

“He said, ‘Why not stay the night? This aint your first rodeo.'”

“He told me he masturbates five times a day. Gross, especially for a high school English teacher.”

“He begged.”

“He was so skinny, his hip bones left bruises on my thighs.”

“He said he was going on a three-week gluten free diet to drop 10 pounds.”

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“He tried to not use a condom after we clearly discussed protection was a must. HUGE turn off. Made him seem like a scumbag, even though I’d known him for a while and he really wasn’t a bad guy. Still, even a date after that wasn’t an option.. just made me lose interest all together.”

“When he was more obsessed with my bag than I was (ok..this is only partially true, I did end up seeing this guy for several months.)”

“He had a giant, mostly-empty bottle of lube next to his bed.”

“He had a cartoon character tattooed on his butt.”

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