Breaking: Men And Women CAN’T Be Friends, Says Science

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Everyone is always debating whether or not men and women can be friends. YES or NO!? We want an answer! It’s obviously extremely complicated — more complicated than say, your feelings for the girl you’ve known for 14 years who keeps getting boyfriends when you’re single and vice versa and you don’t want to ruin your friendship but you thinks she likes you because she touches your leg sometimes and laughs at your jokes.

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It can happen. It can! But according to a new study, it’s not very bloody likely. The scientific reason? There is a lot of weirdness.

The researchers studied more than 80 male-female friendship and found some problems. The men were usually more attracted to the female than vice versa (whether one of the friends was in a romantic relationship with someone else or not),  and men also thought their female friends were secretly crushing on them when they weren’t.

Women in the study usually wanted to become romantically involved with their friend-boys less — because you know, stuff gets weird. And if the guy was dating someone else? Oh forget about it. The women in the study became completely uninterested.

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This is the science that we have all been waiting for. Now — do we believe it? Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more breaking news from the scientists in their love labs, soon. But until then, crush on your friends with caution. Guys: you’re overestimating how irresistible you are. And ladies: he’s probably dreaming of having sex with you, and he maybe would if the opportunity presented itself.

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