Cheaters Less Likely To Use Protection, Says Science

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Cheating’s bad, but scratchy burning genitals are worse. Sadly, science says the former usually leads to the latter.

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According to a new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexually unfaithful partners were 27%-35% less likely to use a condom. Perhaps the next finding explained why: their drug and alcohol use was 64% higher. Whoops!

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Kind of not a shocker, if you ask us. Once you start rubbing uglies behind your partner’s back, you’re not exactly Miss Manners.

There was a silver lining (sort of). Couples who agreed to an open relationship were more likely to practice safe sex with all their partners. Non-monogomy for the win!

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If you’re not ready for that, surprise STI tests should keep things fun.

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Yelena Shuster hates science for being a total downer sometimes.

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