Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Needs a Self-Esteem Class

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In the midst of all the rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna are hooking up again, one person got lost in the story: Chris’ girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Though the two of them are still officially together, it has to be depressing for her to read constant stories about how her boyfriend is still hooking up with his ex. Radar, however, reports that Chris and Karrueche have an open relationship:

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“Karrueche isn’t stupid, and she has told friends that they have an open relationship. She never asks him about Rihanna, ever. Chris will take several days to call her back at times, and that is OK with Karreuche. She doesn’t pressure or hound Chris, it’s just not what she is about. She recognizes that they are both young, and she isn’t going to let the fact Chris is spending time with his ex-girlfriend come between what they have.”

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That may make Karrueche seem cool, but I think it makes her sound like a girl with major self-esteem issues. Is she also hooking up with people on the side? If not, then the relationship is only open on one side, and that’s not exactly fair. I’ve met people in “open relationships” who basically just let their partner cheat for the sake of keeping their relationship together, whether it was because they had kids or because they thought they could work through their issues that way. (Yoko Ono even hand-selected a mistress for John Lennon when they had problems in their relationship; he dumped the girlfriend and returned to Yoko the following year.) It might be that Karrueche and Chris have a deal, or it could be that she likes the fame/access that comes from being a celebrity girlfriend and is willing to put up with Chris’ cheating in order to keep it. But her solution of simply “not asking about Rihanna” doesn’t make it sound like Chris and Karrueche have the kind of maturity and communication skills that can keep an open relationship working effectively. I hope that whatever it is “they have” is worth Karrueche looking like a fool in every magazine in America.