College Professor Accidently Sends Entire Class Nude Pics of Herself Instead of Homework Assignment

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Nude Woman smiling while checking her Text Messages

As the embarrassing hijinks of others have taught us, the easiest way to not have nude photos of yourself fall into the hands of the wrong people/leak on to the Internet is to not take nude photos of yourself. The idea might sound romantic and there are certainly safe ways to go about “sexting” and the like. But there’s always a risk, and more often than not, naked pic senders and recipients are caught with their pants down.

The latest incident is a cautionary tale to anyone in the education system: Late Tuesday, picked up on an incident out of the University of Iowa that was exploding over social media. According to multiple sources, a teachers assistant at the college sent out an email to students of a math class with what she thought was a homework assignment. What she really zipped and attached were a series of nude photos featuring the female T.A. and her male webcam partner. Whoops.

The site describes the images as being from “a video chat that is quite sexual in nature.” The TA and her partner are “cyber-sexing” in the nude and “’engaging’ themselves in a sexual manner.” According to the report, a few of the images are even in animated GIF form. Clearly, a couple adept at online hanky panky.

A UI spokesperson confirmed the news the next morning, noting the school would be taking the appropriate actions as per their policies and procedures.

The big lesson out of this catastrophe arrives from a screenshot of the e-mail blast. Look at how those files are labeled! If you’re going to save your Skype sex session screencaps, make sure the files are named in way that would never allow this to happen. We recommend “HOLY NO DO NOT ATTACH THESE TO AN E-MAIL”


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