Confidence May Not Be Key

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When you enter the world of online dating, everyone chants the same mantra: confidence is key. Hell, I will be the first to say it – confidence is key, especially when you are walking into a bar semi-hyperventilating searching various faces for Jono from Tinder. We have all been there! However, a recent study has found that there is such thing as being too bold – and *insert sly, knowing chuckle* young college guys are the main culprits.

Research led by Emily Yeh of Carnegie Mellon University has uncovered that the more confident young guys are on OKCupid, the less success they are seeing on the dating site.

At the end of the day, when we set up an online profile we are instantly putting our best-selves forward. After asking questions like ‘are you a morning person’ to calculate a match, OKCupid asks users to promote themselves via a self-summary tool, delving into morality, relationship goals, general interests and talents. Obviously you are going to give yourself a good wrap, and according to Yeh it is highly likely people exaggerate physical features, such as how tall they are. *Cringe*

In receiving messages from users, confidence rang true for older users (they get straight to the point). When it came to the college-age charmers, however, the more modest the male was, the more messages he received – young men with less confidence were more likely to turn that first contact into a long conversation.

Listen up smooth-talkers! Yeh’s advice is clear: chill out on the confidence, please.

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