This Could Be Bad: 20 Couple Tattoos

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Would you ever get a matching tattoo with your partner? These people did, and the results are… permanent.

 If the Batmobile is rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.


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I hope that key actually fits.


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Well, shoot. This looks kind of lame if you ask me. And that’s when they’re standing together.


I should hope so. You got tattoos for each other.



Not the reaction she expected?

[The Berry]


Definitely the most romantic thing Buzz Lightyear ever said.

 [The Berry]

Love is not a (video) game.



Guess these people, unlike everyone I know, don’t think puzzles are the most frustrating, unfun, annoying f*cking things on the planet.



Hope it’s not game over.


I wonder if the whole wedding was robot-themed, because that would be awesome.


Avocados are delicious and nutritious, but I don’t think I’d want one on my arm.


This one is actually a real eff-you to Mom: “Growing up, my mom always joked that I should marry a man with money.  After meeting the man that would become my husband (a man who had no money to his name), her jokes became a serious plea.  My family, being of a wealthy background themselves, seemed to think that my in-laws less than stellar economic rank should outweigh my love for the kindest, most selfless person I had ever met.  I disagreed.  We’ve been married three and a half years now.” [StuckeytheWriter]

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This one’s pretty, even if you don’t know sh*t about reading sheet music.

[Happy Place]


Oh yeah marriage ditto whatever etc. lol.



Who are you trying to convince?


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These people are perfect for each other.



I hope your commitment to each other is larger than your commitment to getting a badass tattoo.


Okay, but not every saint/sinner has to get it tattooed on their arm.


I can’t tell by the font if they’re depressed or excited.


I am a huge Disney Nerd so I approve this message.


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