15 GIFS That Say, “I Don’t Think A Second Date Is Necessary”

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Can’t find the words to express your absolute boredom when meeting someone for the first time? Wish there were a hilarious way to say ‘I liked you better on facebook’? Want to say ‘let’s just go to bed’ without actually saying it? Let the power of GIF do it for you! Let’s begin:

“Stop being pretentious. There is nothing about the food here that is any different than anywhere else.”

“Why yes.  My blouse is purposefully revealing.”

“I don’t think it is a big deal that you slept with your college room mate.”

“I can’t believe that you are listing Nickelback as one of your favorite bands.”

“So your career is seemingly more lucrative than mine.”

“I am going to get dessert even if you don’t get any.”

“Just because I order 4 drinks while on the date doesn’t mean I have a problem.”

“You look like an idiot when you dance.”

“I’ve officially known you for three minutes and I already want to claw my eyes out with boredom.”

“Fucking close your mouth when you chew!”

“So you’re a (insert boring job here).  How interesting?”

“Thank you for sharing your experience at band camp with me.”

“I am sincerely nauseated by the fact that you were born with three thumbs.”

“Stop talking. Let’s fuck.”

“I really don’t think that a second date is necessary.”