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Detroit is Officially the Most Romantic City in America, Concludes Two New Studies

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Dating Miss Michigan” used to just be a euphemism, but two new, separate studies from data scientists at Facebook and online dating website PlentyofFish report that Detroit is the best place to score a date, based on percentage of single people and how romantic those singles are.

The research team at POF crunched the data of 5 million users and found the most and least romantic places in America. They determined the most romantic places by the percentage of singles within that region who list classic romantic phrases like “walks on the beach,” “candlelit dinners,” and “cuddling by the fire” in their interests on their PlentyofFish profiles. The most romantic state? Michigan, which I assume had a lot more people interested in cuddling than going to the beach. It’s cold in Michigan is what I’m saying.

Facebook’s study looked at cities with high percentages of single people, and the probability of single people entering into relationships. The city with the highest percentage of single people, ahead of young-and-beautiful destinations like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, is Detroit.

So is Detroit the home of hopeless romantics or stone-cold players? The data does not say. If you live in Michigan and haven’t met the right person or are happy playing the field, talk to me about it. My theory is that people in Michigan’s emotions are heightened. Relationships burn hot and then flame out. Michiganders are impulsive and passionate, which is also why Michigan is dangerous. Basically, everyone in Detroit is Marshall and Kim Mathers.

Other highlights from the PlentyofFish study: the least romantic state is Louisiana. Southern states were less romantic in general than Northern states, which seems to indicate that climate is the greatest indicator of how romantic singles will be. Why cuddle up by the fire when you can go outside? The most romantic city in America is Portland, Oregon, where single men were 51 percent more romantic than the national average. This confirms my long-held suspicion that Portland is the corniest place in America.

Highlights from the Facebook study: Memphis is the city with the greatest ratio of single females to single males, and San Francisco has the highest ratio of single males to single females, which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with it being sort of a gay Mecca. The city with the highest probability of a single person getting into a relationship is Colorado Springs.

Also, El Paso, Texas’ high showing in both lack of romance and probability of getting into a relationship indicates that it’s America’s loveless marriage capital. At least they have tacos!