8 Great Gifts for Your Cocktail Enthusiast Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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In the world of cocktail geeks, my boyfriend is kind of a big deal — so I’ve learned the hard way what they really want. Always welcome? Vintage glassware. Not-so-welcome? The popular whisky rocks, which are meant to keep your Old-Fashioned cold without diluting it. Our first Christmas together I proudly slipped a box under the tree, thinking I was pretty much the best girlfriend ever. On New Year’s Eve, we gave them a whirl. Turns out whisky rocks taste like … rocks. Oops. Below are a few gifts guaranteed to make your cocktail geek swoon.

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1. There isn’t a home bar that wouldn’t look better with the Ace Bottle Opener by Kikkerland.

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2. So if whiskey rocks aren’t worth the money? Try the Tovolo King Cube ice tray, which makes ice that melts nice and slow. And here’s something your cocktail geek might not know: boiled water produces the clearest cubes.

3. From Aviary in Chicago to Booker & Dax in New York, bottled cocktails are all the rage. Bundle all the supplies, from bottle cap fastener to mini-bottles, and print these instructions for a spirited holiday.

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4. Speaking of Aviary, the Porthole is a custom-made infuser that Grant Achatz’s forward-thinking bar uses to infuse brandy with cinnamon, verjus, and apple right at the table. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, you can get it for your cocktail-loving lover. It can also be used to make dressings, infused tea — sky’s the limit.

5. This reprinted 1928 cocktail book is full of timeless recipes and Prohibition-era dirt (including a list of celebrities’ favorite illicit cocktails).

6. If he thinks his gin can beat Beefeater in a blind taste test, let’s see him prove it with this home-made gin kit. Bathtub not required.

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7. Every cocktailer loves playing with new flavors. Bittermens New Orleans Coffee Liqueur had its debut this year — and as a feel-good bonus, a portion of profits go to benefit New Orleans charities.


8. For the consummate entertainer, why not a case of 24 classic coupes? Just be prepared to host all your friends this New Year’s Eve.

Nora Sherman blogs about food, cocktails, and anything that strikes her fancy at Thought for Food. Her better half, Mayur Subbarao, is a partner in Bittermens Spirits and Brand Manager for Blueprint Spirits — and he makes a mean martini (always stirred, never shaken).

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