Guys, Here’s a Reminder: The Stuff Girls Wish You Knew

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Surely there are about a million things women wished guys knew about dating and relationships. (And a million more things guys wished girls knew.) But if you had to think of just one thing, what would it be? This list from ModernMan is pretty accurate but it seems extremely simple. Guys have to know we freaking love cards with nice notes, right? And that it’s nice to be told you are pretty more than once? The importance of having a plan? Changing the light bulb/carrying the kitty litter?

I guess we all could use a reminder. Here it is!

“If you give her a present for her birthday or a special occasion, buy a card and write a nice note for her too. She’ll hang on to it and re-read it when she’s feeling sad or missing you.” —Erica O.

“Change her light bulbs when you notice they’ve gone out.” —Jenn B.

“Always offer to carry the kitty litter home from the store, or out of the car. That stuff is heavy.” —Mary M.

“Tell her she’s pretty every time you see her, not once in a while. Just because you said it once doesn’t mean you don’t need to say it again.” —Deirdre O.

“Never take a girl out on a date only to ask, ‘So, what do you want to do?’ Have a plan!” —Casey G.

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