Here’s What You Need To Know About Sex With Inflatable Pool Toys

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Who wouldn’t want to take this sunny, smiling octopus for a ride in the pool? I’m sure we all would, but not in the same way as balloon fetishists.

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“Looners” get their kicks by blowing up, straddling and doing other wildly inappropriate things to balloons. Believe it or not, the looning world is made up of two different kinds of fetishists: the “poppers” and the “non-poppers.” “Poppers” get aroused when they play with a balloon until it, well, pops. “Non-poppers” become emotionally attached to their inflatable sex partners and would never dream of popping them.

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With the dog days of summer upon us, it’s only logical that this fetish may extend to inflatable pool toys such as our cute dolphin friend and other rafts. So, don’t be surprised if any of your pool toys end up missing or worse – deflated.


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