Hot Photos of Every Actor Who Should Replace Charlie Hunnam in ’50 Shades of Grey’

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Say it isn’t so! Citing scheduling conflicts with his hit FX show Sons of Anarchy, the frustratingly attractive Charlie Hunnam of  has dropped out of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, slated for release in August 2014.

No use crying over spilt milk. This just gives us an opportunity to fantasize about other actors who might get the coveted—and covetous—Christian Grey role in the mommy porn flick. It does not hurt (for realistic visualization’s sake, of course!) to see them shirtless.

Superman aka Henry Cavill: This name was flying around (hehe) in talks for the role before Charlie Hunnam was chosen.shirtless-henry-cavill-immortals-2

Tom Hardy: I’m not going to make the hard joke here… but you could argue I already have.

Kellan Lutz: He’s famous for starring in Twilight, another book we all pretended we didn’t read when we really did.
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Ryan Phillipe: A dark horse, but a stallion all the same.

Ryan Gosling: Look at him listening bemusedly. That’s him laughing at our suggestion that he star in this movie.

Ryan Reynolds: What is it about gray scale that sexes up any photo? That’s right, Grey-scale.

Chris Evans: Just try not to remember the scary computer-manipulated thin version of him at the beginning of Captain America, and you’re good.

Liam Hemsworth: He just got out of a relationship with Miley Cyrus who is debatably the least Anastasia-like 21-year-old around. He’s ready to be the one dominating.

Nicholas Hoult: If he’s good enough for Jennifer Lawrence—who is perfect—he’s good enough for us.

Ben Barnes: He starred in the movie, Dorian Gray, so not that far a stretch?

Zac Efron: So he’s had some issues with drugs recently. We need to help him get back up on his very attractive feet.

Ryan Kwanten: Strictly for the True Blood fans, who overlap with 50 Shades fans at a 49:50 ratio.

Jay Baruchel: For the geek-stretch-never-will-this-happen vote. Also, he was in Undeclared with Charlie Hunnam, so… pointers!
Didn’t want to embarrass him by including this shirtless photo, but he could beef up!