How Do I Tell My Parents I’m In An Interracial Relationship?

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How Do I Tell My Parents I'm In An Interracial Relationship?Editor’s note: Have a dating/sex/relationships conundrum? Email us at thedatereport at or fill out this anonymous form, and one of our experts will help you solve it. 

I am white and have been dating a black guy for eight months. He is a great guy, I am very fond of him, and my friends like him too. My parents know I am dating someone but do not know his ethnicity. I fear they won’t accept him due to his skin color. They have some rather old-school Southern attitudes about interracial dating and marriage. They’ve even said half seriously that they would disown me if I ever dated inter-racially. What should I do?

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Your parents seem to apply old views to a current day situation. This is 2012, not 1950. They might fear betraying their own cultural norms or are afraid of how society might treat you. I see this a lot with my clients: fears based more on stereotypes and old-school thinking than on facts. Their attempt to influence your love life by guilt or through threats of disowning you shows their insecurities and rigidity.

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Here’s what to do:

  • Create an opportunity for your parents to get to know your boyfriend so they can learn to appreciate the same qualities in him that you’ve grown to like.
  • Have a frank talk with them about specific reasons why they are opposed to such relationships
  • Let them know you don’t share their views and won’t live according to their values either.
  • Ask them if they prefer you to live your life with someone who makes you happy or to live it according to their values, unhappily.
  • Address their fear about society accepting your relationship. Assure them that you’re a big girl, all grown up, and are prepared to face any challenges or stress that may lie ahead.


Over time they may learn to accept your relationship – especially if they see how happy you are with him. Remember to also check in with your boyfriend to see how he is doing with all this too.


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