How Not to Look Like a Hot Mess on Your Date

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Hot weather has arrived, which means you’ve shoved scarves to the back of your closet and are waiting with eager anticipation to get it on. Not to say that you don’t during any other season, but Sandy and Danny knew what they were singing about – summer brings loving and having a blast, know what I mean? With that in mind, how can you continue looking like your fine-ass self while cozying up to the object of your affection in triple-digit temps? I have some suggestions.

1. Pre-date, apply a heat-activated antiperspirant. It’s a simple fact: the hotter the weather, the more you will sweat, and sweating is gross. A double-whammy antiperspirant-deodorant that is [literally] turned on by your body’s heat is imperative. As I would rather smell like a lumberjack than a dainty social media professional, Degree Men is one of my favorites. Still sweating? Underarm Botox is a fairly dramatic alternative.

2. Wear breathable fabrics. This is the most important and oft-forgotten rule of the season. Seek out clothing featuring materials like jersey and linen, ones that allow air to flow freely through and dry quickly if you perspire. Avoid polyester at all costs!

3. Stay indoors. Focus on dates that include A/C. This is fairly self-explanatory, specifically because air conditioning will prevent you from looking like a sweaty mess in front of someone with whom you would like to see naked. (Actually, now that I put it that way, summertime could provide a vision for what you’d both look like in the moment. Ignore these tips! Just kidding. Keep reading.)

4. Or, aim for cool outdoor dates. By this, “cool” refers to temperature rather than being awesome  because I just assume you are already the latter. Location examples include the local public pool or beach, both of which provide ample opportunity for you to spread sunscreen along the epidermis of a scantily-clad companion. Sexy, no?

5. Have blotting papers on-hand. You may not know that these exist, but blotting papers are a godsend in hot weather as they suck up oil in seconds, akin to a sponge; they should not be applied in front of your date (Why would they want to look at an oil-soaked piece of paper Ew.?), so if you are feeling particularly moist, politely excuse yourself and return to the table in five looking fresh as a daisy.

Sara Zucker works in digital media at a luxury beauty brand and occasionally writes about fashion. She is single and does not own multiple cats. For more musings by Sara, visit her blog at