How to Ask Out the Guy You’ve Been Silently Flirting With

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Glamour’s Anna Breslaw has a guy at a coffee shop. They don’t know each other, really, but they see each other, they smile at each other, and he doesn’t have a wedding ring.

Obviously she should ask him out, yeah?

Well, she agrees, but it’s tricky to ask out a stranger at a coffee shop, because what if he says no, and what if he thinks you’re  a psycho, and what if you embarrass yourself? (The risk of these things is actually pretty low, but, it’s easy to psych oneself out.)

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Anyway, Anna wrote a post full of helpful tips on how to work up the nerve to ask a guy out, and it’s full of good advice, like “pretend to love yourself,” which is actually a really useful thing to do when you tend towards the self-deprecating.

So read this post, and ask out that stranger in your coffee shop. (Hopefully Anna did the same.)

[How to Ask a Guy Out]