How to Date a Woman Who Is Taller Than You: 5 Tips

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jonasSo you’re into a lady who happens to be a few inches taller than you are. No big! Here’s how to be chill about the height difference, with as little awkwardness/self-consciousness as possible from both parties.

1. Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of It.

Emily Altman had a thing against dating someone shorter than she is…until she started dating someone shorter than she is.  How’d her current beau sneak in, despite the height requirement?

“He like, doesn’t notice it or even care about it and he’s certainly not threatened by it. He’s completely comfortable in his skin so the fact that he’s shorter than me never bothers him, so that helps.”

When approaching a girl who’s taller, don’t mention the height difference, don’t point out how tall she is (she knows.), don’t make a self-deprecating joke about your own height. Just…be normal.

Tekoa Smith, who at 5’10 is a veteran at dating shorter men, adds, “If a guys opening line is about our height difference then he comes off as corny with low self esteem. A short guy who approaches me just to get to know me and NEVER mentions height I’ll be more inclined to date him because to me he doesn’t go through life worried about his height, and that shows that his priorities are pretty straight.”

2. Avoid Doing Sneaky Things to Make Yourself Look Taller

Even if you don’t say anything outright about her height, you can still project discomfort with it by doing sneaky, height-increasing things, like standing in front of her on an escalator. As if she isn’t going to notice that that’s what you’re doing!  “As a girl, I have a thousand things to be self-conscious about without adding a guy who feels the need to always stand on the higher step or puffs out his chest,” advises Christine, who is 6′.

3. Tall Still Means Feminine, Ladylike

Most women want to feel feminine, regardless of their height and their partner’s proportion to it. Sure, you may not be able to sweep her off her feet (physically), but there are other things you can do. Guiding her through a room. Putting your arm around her waist. Helping her step out of a car. “Short men can still be the big spoon; you just have to measure and adjust accordingly,” Tekoa adds.

4. Don’t Just Tolerate Her Height, Appreciate It

“I think this is important, because even if the guy is confident, sometimes the girl could still feel self conscious next to him because the height difference is striking. A guy telling her it’s attractive that she’s tall can help.” says Emily. In other words, height isn’t just something to get used to, it’s something to actually appreciate about her, along with her pretty hair, quick wit, appreciation of creepy documentaries, and general tidiness (or whatever).

5. You’re Getting a Lot of Leg With That Height

Remember, there are major advantages to dating a tall girl.”You know that way you sit with a guy on a love seat, watching TV? Where he is sitting upright and you are leaning against the arm with your legs over him? And he holds onto and rubs your legs? Those moments are the best,” swears Christine. What’s an inch our two of back-to-back difference over that?