How To Flirt By Spotify Playlist

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headphones love spotify flirtingIt seems to me that Spotify is the last app on which you’d ever want to follow someone you’re early-stage dating — do you really want to get home from your second or third date, start up your laptop, and see that he’s listening to, like, ‘Cry Me A River’? What does it mean if he’s listening to a whiny Death Cab song from 2000? Why is he apparently depressed or something right after eating pizza with you? — but nonetheless, some people are signing in to check out their dates’ playlists and using them to (kind of) flirt with each other. Business Insider calls the practice “sub-Spotifying.”

Here’s how it works: you and your date follow each other on Spotify. Maybe you recommended a band when you two got drinks, and when you sign in the next day, you see she’s listening to ther album. Now you know she’s thinking about you and cares about your opinions, and you have a “reason” to text her. (Probably you’ll have to word this more carefully/cleverly than “I see that you, too, favor #4 and #10.”) Alternately, you could listen to her favorite band (one album, once though) and hope she notices and contacts you.

It’s all very passive-aggressive-AIM-away-message, isn’t it? In love we are mostly all 14-year-olds listening meaningfully to Taylor Swift.

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