10 Ways To REALLY Get A Girl In Bed

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I’ve read lots of advice for men about how to get a women in bed, which, I must say, sounds A BIT creepy. For a real girl in the twenty-first century, and probably even the twenty-second century, the advice (like setting out 10,000 candles around a bathtub sprinkled with candy and bubbles) along with the tone seems less than one step away from getting clubbed over the head and dragged back to a caveman’s den.I had a little pow-wow with my friends about what the real answer to this question is. The resounding answer seemed to be, “do not try to get a woman in bed.” ¬†Meaning, if that is your only goal, go to jail, directly to jail, do not pass Go. But there are things guys can do that immediately make us more interested in sex, and more interested in sex with them. And they’re BORING they’re so simple. But let’s listen, anyway, because based on what I am reading in magazines, some of us could use a refresher.Don’t try to get a woman in bed. At least act like you care about more than just sex. Don’t try the first night.

Hold hands.

Call, don’t text.

Befriend her friends, hardcore.

Ask her great questions and seem interested in her answers.

Don’t take her on the dinner date for a first date, find something more interesting — bowling, mini golf, beer flight tasting — just SOMETHING that’s not a dinner date.

Have interests outside of work.

Be interested, not just interesting. Remember details from the conversation earlier to prove you’re interested in her. That’s a killer trademark to have.

Just be fun and make the girl laugh.

Buy her lots of drinks…¬†Or. are we not going for this kind of strategy?

Smelling nice helps. Seriously, put on some deodorant and eat a mint!