How To Give Away Money to People You Meet on Dating Websites

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You may have noticed a disturbing trend of people getting conned out of thousands of dollars by their online paramours. Last month, a man sued OkCupid after a man he met on the online dating site scammed him into forking over $70,000. Now, a 59-year-old New Jersey woman is reporting that back in 2012, during a six-month long relationship that originated on, a man convinced her to give him $86,000 without ever meeting him in person. According to CBS, the woman “is now warning others who look for love online.”

But looking for love online is not the problem. Not thinking straight is the problem. I met my boyfriend online and, even though we have been dating (and seeing each other in person, I might add) for over a year and a half, if he was like, “Honey, I need all your life’s savings immediately because reasons” — and if I had life’s savings to give — I’d take a moment to consider the request before emptying my bank account. Why? Because that is common sense. People cannot blame dating websites for their idiocy the same way you cannot blame dating websites for that time you went on a first date with a Scientologist.

Considering forking over your mortgage money in the interest of “building a relationship?” First read this guide to giving away money to people you meet on dating websites.

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