How to Master Online Dating the HowAboutWe Way

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Internet dating

Online dating can be frustrating. You feel like you’ve sent a million messages, and not one person has even bothered with a “Hey, what’s up?” What’s wrong with these people? Or is there something wrong with you? Don’t lose hope! There’s no way to guarantee a response, but revisiting your online dating strategy can dramatically increase your chances. The following tips will help fill that discouraging gap between your sent box and your inbox.

Establish a Connection

Just like you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, you can’t resend a first message. You want to have one with a bit of personality and style that shows your prospective date that you paid attention to their profile and liked what you saw. Don’t send the same message that you just sent to another person, and the person before that and the person before that. Highlight something that you have in common, or whatever it was about them that caught your eye. Something (hopefully, other than their “hot bod”) made you want to message that user, so tell them about it and build from there. Check out more tips for writing a stand-out first message.

Build a Killer Profile

While your first message establishes a connection with someone else looking for love, your profile is your opportunity to show them what you’re all about. Answer the questions that you have something to say about and skip the others. No answer is better than a bland answer. If you feel that the default questions don’t highlight what’s important to you, create your own custom questions. It’s also essential to post a variety of up-to-date photos. A photo can speak a thousand words, but more importantly, they can easily lead to thousands more. Here’s some more sage advice on how to choose the best pictures.

Keep Talking

If you want a response, make it as easy as possible for your soon-to-be soulmate. Leave your message open-ended by asking a question. Helping the conversation along will greatly increase your chances of getting a first response and will make your intended feel at ease with you from the beginning. If you’re easy as a Sunday morning, that person will want to spend a Sunday morning with you. Now wasn’t that helpful?

Save Something for Your Date

Your first exchange with someone new is not the time to overwhelm them with your life story or declarations of true love. At the same time, “Hey ;)” isn’t going to get you anywhere. Strike the perfect balancing by keeping it thoughtfully brief and leading them to action by asking question. The point is to get them intrigued enough to check out your profile and keep the conversation going (we’ve got advice for when that happens too). You want your online interaction to be so great that they’ll want to take it IRL.

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