How to Trick a Chef Into Going Out With You

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This week, Jesse Curti spoke with Clio Goodman, Chef/Owner of Puddin’ By Clio in the East Village. Clio was previously featured on The Date Report, explaining the benefits of dating a pastry chef, and now she’s back with more insight into the dating life of hard-working, New York chef. This interview has been edited.

Q: How is dating in New York different?
A: Oh, it’s really hard. Dating in New York City is challenging because everyone here comes with the mindframe to work and they’re so hyperfocused on the goal. A lot of times I’ll joke with my friends, “If you want a boyfriend, go wait at the airport when they just arrive, because they don’t know anything yet!”

Q: Is dating someone in the food industry easier or more difficult?
A: I personally have nothing against it but I wouldn’t date someone else in the same industry only because if you’re both very passionate it can get kind of competitive with the relationship. Unless you find someone that won’t take that competitiveness into a relationship and will just want to cook with you to be with you. But a lot of people do date within the industry.

Q: What’s the best food date that you’ve been on?
A: There was a guy who really liked me and he invited me over with him and his friend to cook. And we were making Chicken Marsala and we were pouring Spanish wine, and I don’t drink but it was a light wine so, “Ah, I’ll drink this!” We made gnocchi together. I then realized his friend wasn’t coming and he tricked me into a date. He set up a little table with candles on it and he poured the wine and we had dinner together that we just made. It was really cute!

Q: What’s the perfect pudding flavor for your date?
A: It would have to be something chocolate, as cliché as that would be. People really identify chocolate with emotions and with love. A lot of times the girl finds the flavors very romantic and the guy finds it romantic because the girl finds it romantic. It would have to be a chocolate pudding with whipped cream and strawberries. It’s really simple, really stereotypical, but always hits the note on the head for what people actually want.

People really identify chocolate with emotions and with love. It’s really simple, really stereotypical, but always hits the note on the head for what people actually want.

Q: What kind of eating habits turn you off?
A: Someone who talks with food in their mouth with food spitting out. If you’re being polite and your hand over your mouth while you’re trying to say something that’s one thing, but if you’re blatantly talking with food in your mouth and food’s falling out, it’s really disgusting. Anyone who wipes their hands on their clothes in general. I know we all do it, sometimes I’ll do it on my pants, but at least that’s a place where no one can see it. If someone’s making too much noise during the meal, whether it’s their chewing or talking or laughing so loud, that’s not cool.

Q: What kind of dates come through your pudding shop?
A: It’s really cute! I’ll actually have a lot of older couples come through to reminisce about their childhood with each other. For the younger couples, we get a lot of first daters. They’ll order the same thing and sit in the same part of the shop. There must be something about this one chair! Pudding is not intimidating. Every single demographic, every single age knows what it is. It’s kind of like getting a cup of coffee, it’s a really great conversation starter. Everyone had it when they were a kid and remembers trading their pudding cup for something at lunchtime.

Q: Tell me about your worst date ever.
A: There was this one guy I went on a date with, I was 21 years old and he was 31. Five times through the date, I kid you not, he pulled the same cheesy line, “I just can’t stop staring into your eyes.” At some point he turned around and he gave me a kiss and he was trying to make out with me. But when a girl stands with her hands straight down and not wanting to touch you, I hope that signifies that she’s not having a good time.

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