How To Undress In Front Of Your Husband, Circa 1937

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Do you ever pause before putting in your mouth guard and slipping into your oversize Sugar Ray concert T-shirt and think, “Maybe I need to add some old-fashioned sultriness to my bedtime routine?” Don’t worry — Life magazine has got you covered. In a 1937 issue, they published a photo spread to teach wives how to undress in front of their husbands, featuring ex-burlesque dancer June St. Clair. Scroll down to learn the lost art of de-robing for yourself!

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Step One:
 Here on the left we have a clumsy wife getting tangled in her dress. On the right is June St. Clair, slipping out of her dress with graceful ease!

Step 2: Once you’ve taken your clothes off, carefully fold them and place them to the side.

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Step 3: Start rolling down your pantyhose, keeping a smile on your face the whole time.

Step 4: Pay close attention to your dainty ankles.

Step 5: Turn away to remove your slip, flashing a sliver of butt cheek in the process.

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Step 6: And finally, slip into your nightgown with a coy smile, confident that your husband appreciates your feminine charms.


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