In a Long-Distance Relationship? Here’s Your Survival Kit

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Spending the entire season apart from your love is, well, a Summer bummer. Maybe you’re braving the distance because one of you is studying abroad or going on a long trip — or maybe you’re part of the permanent LDR club. Either way, one way to keep the love strong is with meaningful goodies as gifts. Put them all together as a sweet package or mail them separately for surprises that keep on coming. Ahead, check out finds that’ll make the break bearable until you see each other again.

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Heart Mugs

Stay connected over your morning cup of joes with these cute customized long-distance mugs ($35).

Picture Frame

Place your favorite picture of the two of you inside a photo frame ($39) to always remember the good times. This personalized wooden frame is personalized with your initials and anniversary date!

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Coordinates Bracelet

A custom latitude and longitude bracelet($25) will keep you in sync no matter the distance.


Old-School Telegram

Forget texting — get romantic by sending a unique telegram ($7) from Telegram Stop, just like long-distance lovers did in the good ol’ days.

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Memeoirs Book

Turn your entire email history into a book (and a superspecial gift) using Memeoirs($39-$59).

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