Kissing More Important Than Sex, Says Science

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Have you ever thought to yourself “Wow, I am sick of all this making out stuff. I just want to get to the main event.”? Turns out that kissing is both important for running the bases and ¬†key to a long lasting relationship. According to Jill Blakeway in a recent article on Huffington Post, kissing is not only the way we define intimacy in our brain, but it also releases chemicals that make us more relaxed and able to perform — something that builds connection. Chinese medicine actually believes that the mouth and the tongue have a connection to the heart, which means that kissing actually attaches people to each other. Good to know if you love foreplay, eh?

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This makes me think that all those people I made it with at clubs after 5 Long Islands actually were the loves of my lives. I mean, if kissing is the way we define intimacy than I have been intimate up and down the Eastern sea board, most of the Mid-west and large portions of East Asia.



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