7 Creative, Thoughtful Last-Minute Gifts (So You Can Skip the Drugstore Gift Card)

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So, here we are. Waited too long, did you? Its OK — we’ve got your back. Here are a few ideas for gifts that’ll look like you thought long and hard about them, searching high and low for creative inspiration for months…. even though you only ordered them the night before (or morning of) your gift exchange.

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Gold Bely

Gold Bely specializes in sending iconic food from across the country to your doorstep in days, or even tomorrow. The crew at Gold Bely love food and handpick every item after copious amounts of “testing.” Dating a mid-westerner who can’t get home for the holidays? Imagine gifting them fresh Chicago deep-dish pizza right from The Windy City itself. The quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach!

Dollar Shave Club

Sick of stubble? Send your significant other a hint and get Dollar Shave Club to send them high quality razors to their door for as low as $1 a month (with two dollar shipping). At that price, you could give them the gift of never having to buy razors for a year. There are even higher quality versions (for a few dollars more) that are unisex, so the ladies can “borrow” them too.

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Custom .Me Domain

Today, it doesn’t matter what field a person is in, an online presence is important — especially one that is far from the college keg party photos on Facebook. But after two decades, seemingly every combination of letters in front of a “.com” is taken. Luckily, a “.me” domain is a perfect choice for a personal domain;  you can forward it to a portfolio, page, or a personal blog. Best of all, you can gift a “.me” without picking a domain for the person, so once they redeem the code, your girl/guy can pick the name they want.

Spotify Gift Subscription

Not long ago, there was this thing called a Mix Tape and it was a big part of dating. Back in my day, we used to spend hours trying to decide which Goo Goo Dolls song best summed up our feelings for someone (the answer is “Slide”). Now you can gift a person basically every album ever on Spotify and they can listen on their smartphone and tablet everywhere they go. (Then you can send them a playlist with “Slide” on it.)

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Gift Apps

Did you know iTunes allows you to buy a person an app, and they send you a nice redeem code certificate to print out and give to them? Whenever I do this for someone, I’m always amazed when they tell me they didn’t you know could do it. It’s incredibly easy, and great for someone who may have just received a new iPhone or iPad. I highly recommend the game of the year contender The Walking Dead or the hilarious Angry Birds Star Wars.

Tickets to a Show

This one never fails. You get a gift for now and if you go along, a future date out of it as well. That’s two in one. What kind of show? Concert, musical, art exhibit, sports it doesn’t matter as long as you remember this is a gift for the person you are giving it to, not you. Few things are more annoying than a gift that is obviously something the giver wanted for themselves.

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Discount magazine subscriptions

Many people don’t buy magazines for themselves anymore, which is sad because it really is the gift that keeps on giving (sorry Jelly of the Month Club). On Discount Mags, you can get subscriptions anywhere from $4-20 depending on the sale. That can be 12 for the price of one. Pick an interest of theirs and every month, your significant other will be reminded of how thoughtful you are when he opens his copy of Cat Fancy.

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