Learn How to Never Date a Jerk Again with ‘The Cute Girl Network’

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CuteGirlNetwork-COV--722x1024If someone could have told you in the amorous beginnings of your last failed relationship that your new dude was one to come on strong and then reveal his true, commitmentphobe nature, would you have wanted to know? What if you could have found out in advance that the guy you caught kissing your roommate was a serial cheater? Or that the“freelancer” you met at a party was a chronically unemployed mooch? Would your relationship have been over before it started, or would you have given the man a chance to prove that he’s not the sum of his past mistakes?

In charming and insightful new graphic novel The Cute Girl Network, Jane, the quintessential laid-back skater girl, is faced with just such a dilemma. New to town, Jane meets Jack by literal accident – wiping out on her skateboard in front of his soup truck – and they hit it off right away. But her new friends have reservations, and more importantly, access to the Cute Girl Network.


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The Cute Girl Network, by Greg Means, MK Reed and Joe Flood, will be out from First Second Books on November 12th. Pre-order your copy today!