Lessons from Missed Connections: Take a Long Shot

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You might feel like you’re wasting the day away reading Missed Connection after Missed Connection. Surely, you think to yourself, my brain cells are rotting. I am getting stupider, you think. See! Stupider isn’t even a word! But we can learn something from these snippets of crazy love life cris-crosses. 


Long shot. Yesterday in Dinosaur Room.

You: Handsome guy in green sweater with wife and kids.

Me: Gray hair sport jacket with kids.

What: Our eyes connected several times — we checked to see if our wives were looking at one point. You are smoking hot. Let’s do it.

-Museum of Natural History – m4m – 48 (Upper West Side)

Wow, talk about a long shot. We at HowAboutWe do not advise picking up married people — but the takeaway here? If the circumstances were different, though, we’d say go for it. You just never know.