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It is recorded that men think about sex every seven seconds.

Ladies – when we feel a little uncomfortable or unsure of ourselves, it is always easy to drop in a little innuendo to snap back male attention. The thing is, when you are on a first date, you should try your very hardest not to mention S-E-X at all.

When I say don’t mention sex – I do not mean ‘don’t talk about P-in-the-V sex’. I mean, do not allude to sex in any way. Whether it be as simple as “I don’t understand the fuss about going home with someone on a first date”, to the ever-charming “I have no gag reflex,” any sort of sexual innuendo is off-limits. Why? You may ask. Men love it when women mention sex – you are completely right. On the contrary, if you get your sex-chat on he will be even more interested. The issue is, the interest lies in the sexual statement, not you.

Yes, you have the power to affect him in any way you want (girl power, baby), but if you really like someone and you hop straight on the sex train, he will not be paying attention to your hopes and dreams, he will be paying MUCH more attention to having sex with you.

In the online love bubble, ladies can resort to talking sexy before they even MEET their partner! If that is what you want from dating, all the power to you – go for it! But if you want a lasting connection with someone, try and keep the sexual innuendos to a minimum on the first date.

What do you think? Is it ok to talk about sex on the first date?