11 Things Clueless Taught Us About Love

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On this day in 1995, Clueless was born, making it 17 years old. Whiiiich makes me want to go get lumbar support or something. We are all so old.

It’s hard to believe that B.C. (before Clueless), there was no “As If” and we didn’t know you should never skin a collie to make your backpack.

Plus: 6 Surprisingly Astute Love Tips From American Pie

Happy Birthday, Clueless! Enjoy these 11 Love, Sex and Dating Lessons From Cher, Dionne, Tai, Josh, Murray, Amber, Et al.

It’s OK To Date Your Step-Brother
… as long as he’s Paul Rudd. (And as long as your parents are divorced.)

Plus: Vocab Lessons: Dating Slang From Clueless
You Can Be A “Technical” Virgin
But after you almost get run off the freeway, your virginity will probably go from “technical to non-existent.”

If He Likes “Spartacus,” That Might Be A Red Flag
He might be just not that into you … and into men. Even having something baking couldn’t save Cher’s relationship with Christian.

He Will Still Love You If You Burn The Cookies … But He Will Still Be Gay
It all worked out for Cher and Christian in the end. She got a new shopping buddy.

Plus: 3 Great Date Outfits Inspired By (Pre-Makeover) Laney Boggs, Tai Frasier and Josie Geller
The PC Term For Virginity Is “Hymenally Challenged”
Dionne is so thoughtful.

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