Lucky UK Ladies Can Get Plan B Delivered to their Homes — Why Can’t We?

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In the US, getting your hands on the morning-after pill can be dicey. Hopping from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to find one with available Plan B is harder than it should be — and the state of panic you are in as you search doesn’t help. It’s scary enough to cope with something like a broken condom without having to deal with insurance issues or problems finding a pharmacy with Plan B in stock. But for women in the UK, it’s much easier: a new service will let women order the pill online and then have a messenger service deliver it to them. The service verifies your birthdate and makes you pay up front in order to keep hassle to a minimum. Lucky UK girls.

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Would you pay for a service like this if it came to our side of the pond? I live in New York, where there are courier services for everything from groceries to weed, so this would be yet another upside of living in an urban area. But would it work outside of big cities? If there aren’t even multiple pharmacies to choose from, how would the service be able to find Plan B and deliver it in time, especially if they were delivering to a rural area? And since the US, unlike the UK, doesn’t have a centralized government-paid health care system, would all the different kinds of insurance and payment get too complicated? Still, this is a heck of a smart business idea. If this service was available where you live, would you try it out?

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