I Took the Male Birth Control Pledge. Will You?

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Male birth control — which as of now remains a myth — has been a topic of great intrigue lately, owing to a number of supposed breakthroughs in its development.

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Last year, a study headed by Columbia University professor Debra Wolgemuth reported that testing had begun on a male version of the pill (albeit on mice, not people). More recently, researchers at the University of North Carolina revealed that a process conducted by therapeutic ultrasound could be the answer to contraceptive gender equality. The latest — and perhaps most promising — technology sounds rather more discomforting. The procedure, which is now in clinical trials on actual human beings in India, involves a one-time injection into the — gulp — vas deferens that would halt sperm production for up to ten years. While it’s currently being billed more as an alternative to vasectomy than an outright birth control method, the process is entirely reversible, necessitating a second injection into the — again, gulp — vas deferens.

For those of you who don’t have a penis, I’ll state the obvious: the thought of a needle piercing into that region is, well, nightmarish. Then again, you’ve been suffering through menstruation, pregnancy and menopause since the dawn of (wo)man, so, f*ck it: I for one pledge to subject myself to this technology should it become available.

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Who will join me? Sign the pledge:

I, ______________, do hereby solemnly swear to utilize any FDA-approved male birth control methods, if and when they become available. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): pills, balms, salves, therapeutic ultrasounds, and, yes, intra-penile injections.



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 And tell us in the comments why you’ve taken the Pledge. Here are my reasons:

  1. I believe in safe sex.
  2. I believe that men share an equal obligation to women in preventing accidental pregnancy.
  3. I like going bareback, because despite arguments to the contrary I believe it increases sensation and/or intimacy — although I would only do so after consulting with my partner and getting tested together, because that’s what responsible adults do.
  4. I’ll never again have to go through that awkward morning-after trip to the pharmacy with some girl I may or may not regret having slept with in the first place.
  5. Child support is not my idea of a sound investment.
  6. I want Rush Limbaugh to call me a slut, too.

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