A Male Touch Literally Makes You Hot and Bothered, Says Science

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Turns out those “sparks” you felt with your so-so date were really just your biological response to the male touch.

A University of St. Andrews study found that being touched by a male experimenter increased a woman’s skin temperature almost by a whole degree Celsius (or 1.8 degrees Farenheit). No word on whether this experimenter was a George Clooney lookalike.

The same rise did not happen when touched by a female researcher. The results were subconscious, so the participants weren’t feeling particularly stressed out or embarrassed. And the higher temperature occurred when touched near the face or chest.

This explains two things. One, more cowbell may not be the only solution to a fever. Sometimes, it may just involve taking a dude’s hand away from your face. Two, don’t always follow your body’s signals. Clearly, your body temp is not really too discerning.

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Yelena Shuster would like to relive ages 18-22 with this knowledge.

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