What You Should Eat To Be The Manliest Man In The Man-iverse

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A recent blog post on Men’s Health listed the the top nine contenders for the manliest restaurants and pubs in America.  They are divided in to categories such as ‘Manliest Brew Pub’ and ‘Manliest Pizza Joint’. And if you ever want to visit a restaurant where you can have live coyotes stare down your meal while enjoy old time Conway Twitty songs or ribs at a gas station in Oklahoma, you can check out the list for some decent, new or appalling date ideas.

And as much as I do love Conway Twitty songs and ribs at gas stations, this begs the question: What is the definition of manly? According to what I’ve read on the list it involves a lot of meat, gobs of cheese and spicy fare. Don’t women enjoy these flavors too? And what is the definition of a womanly restaurant? Cupcakes, quiche and green tea flavored air?

While I am not the most manly specimen on Earth (I have only skinned one rabbit in my life and cried when it was over), and while all the foods listed sound appealing, I wonder how manly men can eat nothing but manly food all the manly time without clogging their manly arteries.

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