The 10 Most Awkward Appetizers: Do You Avoid them on Dates?

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Jay Gabler just rounded up this list of the 10 most awkward appetizers, and he is 100% correct. Is it a coincidence that almost all of them are foods usually associated with dates?

Bruschetta, I believe, is a popular item to be shared at a wine bar or something. OR A PICNIC! I don’t know! But on second thought, I have to agree. Things could get a little awkward. The “little heap of tomatoes stacked precipitously on a chunk of dry bread that’s too big to eat in a single bite—so you bite it in half, and all the tomato chunks fall off” IS awkward.

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Oysters, we are told, are an aphrodisiac. But the entire idea is completely disgusting when you think about it, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to eat them with grace, no matter how much a lady you may be.

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Nachos, oh don’t tell me nachos are on the “no” list. But they are. It’s true — eating nachos with others is a test of status hierarchy, and the entire process is basically a setup for failure. I’m so glad I’m comfortable at the point with my boyfriend where I can eat nachos in front of him, I mean, thank God. I think we’re going to make it.

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I didn’t feel uncomfortable eating olives in front of others until now. Gabler writes, “You want me to just spit something out of my mouth and onto my plate at a fancy reception? Plus, once the seeds are spit out, they just sit there on the plate looking gross.” Now I am over-thinking the entire olive situation and now am picturing other people eating my discarded olive pits and — oh. Now I’m feeling very self-conscious about it. But it’s something we should all be thinking about.

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Check out the entire list here, then tell us: Which foods do you feel most uncomfortable eating in front of people you don’t know well?