Most Of You Don’t Care Where You Have Sex

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Last week, we listed all the pros and cons about inviting a date to spend the night at your house vs. you spending the night at their house. At the end of the post, we asked readers to vote on where they like to spend the night with a date: their place, their date’s place, or either.


Most of you said that it really doesn’t matter where you guys end up: you’re getting laid — you’re not going to be too picky about the location.

But, when forced to choose, slightly more of you prefer to go to your date’s place rather than take your date back to your place. Interesting and surprising! Is it because you value your privacy? Cause you’re ashamed of how messy your room is? Cause you feel less inhibited when in someone else’s space?

And while we’re on the topic of asking somewhat invasive questions about your sex life, care to tell us your views on bad sex? More specifically, how many chances does someone get if they’re terrible in bed?

We , as always, really appreciate you kissing and telling.

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